We’re announcing to the world

the Lumibrush has arrived.

Wait, what is this thing?

Designed and developed by Radiant Spectra, the Lumibrush is a photography product that makes light painting easier, incredibly fun and more professional than ever before.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be explaining more about what it is and the limitless possibilities this innovative product brings. Product features, app screenshots, awesome pictures, a release date, and incredible videos are all coming soon!

Never tried light painting before? Unsure of what it is?

No worries. Do you like photography and have an Andriod/iOS smartphone? That’s all you need to get started with the product. Think of the camera scene as the canvas and the Lumibrush as your paint brush. Using your phone to control it, you can ‘paint’ colors, patterns, and images right into your long exposure photos – no Photoshop required. You’ll be making killer light paintings in no time.

Professional results made easy

Here are just a few images we took, only brushing the surface of what’s possible with this amazing device. Stay tuned for more images coming soon!